At the 2019 Sharkathon awards ceremony we were able to begin what we hope to be an annual drawing for participation prizes for Texas Shark Rodeo.
We took all of the catches from the 2018 year, assigned each catch to an individual prize ticket from a roll of tickets, and drew winners.

We hope to continue to have this annual participation prize drawing at Sharkathon each year.

Here are the winners from the 2018 participation awards drawing.

Prize Ticket # Winning Angler
Avet 50w 772870 Merchant, Tim
Avet 30W 772492 Collier, Kimberly
Olympus TG-6 772704 Limon, Jimmy
Penn INT 80W 772305 Tidwell, Donnie
65Qt Ice Chest 772844 Ozolins, Eric