Texas Shark Rodeo Tagging Info

All Texas Shark Rodeo team captains will receive a packet containing a 2017 ruler validation sticker, and tags to be distributed among the team. Below is an example of the front and back of the tagging slip provided with each shark tag. These must be filled out completely to be valid for the Texas Shark Rodeo and the research program itself.


Instructions on how to load a tag into the tagging tool and how to properly place the tag in the shark. Each tag slip also has detailed instructions on the back of the sheet.

We highly recommend using a small dedicated tool for making a small incision in the location that you are going to insert the tag. For info on this tool please browse the following link How to Make an Incision Tool 

Sample of the measurement diagram showing the correct ways to take necessary measurements of all sharks tagged. This diagram is also on each tag slip.


Sample of diagram to aid in the determination of the sex of the shark. This diagram is also on each tag slip.