Tournament Dates

Tournament start date: Refer to home page of TSR for the yearly start date or as soon as you receive your packet of supplies from TSR. No catches will count without the aluminum 48" ruler that has the current year TSR sticker or temp ruler on it within the photo. Captains can go to the tab labeled Captains after signing up the team to download the temp ruler so that you can fish while waiting on the packet to arrive. The temp ruler is not available until we begin sending out packets to all the teams.

Tournament end date: December 31st at midnight.

Team Registration is open to the public until beginning of summer, after that it will be by appointment only (please use the contact us link after the deadline to apply). After the initial signup phase has ended at the beginning of summer there will be delays in assembling team packets, we will ship as soon as we can but it can take up to a week or more to prepare and ship a packet. We allow teams to register until the end of summer by appointment only and after that we typically do not accept more teams, but you can contact us to see what can be worked out.

Please visit the Rules & Info tab located above for more information regarding the Texas Shark Rodeo.