Incision Tool

We would like to show you a couple of samples below of a way to make a incision tool to aid in the process of tagging a shark. These are merely samples and perhaps you might have something that works for you already. In order to insert a dart style tag like TSR is providing each participant a very small starter incision into the sharks skin is very helpful during the tagging process. The most important aspect of these tools is that they will quickly and safely make an incision approx 1/2" wide and 1/2" deep allowing the dart portion of the tag to be inserted quickly and easily. It is very important to control the depth of the starter incision, too deep can cause damage to the shark and may put it's health at risk. Correctly done a tag will heal in a short period of time without any complications to the sharks health.

Example #1 shows in detail how to build an incision tool out of an old fillet knife.


1. Cut off the blade leaving 1/2" exposed like the example pictures below.

2. Make two cuts at an angle making a pointed tip like in the example pictures below.

3. Sharpen the edges of your cuts as well as you can using a file, dremel tool, or grinder like in the photo below. It does not have to be razor sharp but it will need a decent edge to puncture the sharks skin effectively. 

4. It is important to use a knife with a handle similar to what is shown in the examples. The handle prevents the incision from going any deeper than the amount of blade that you have left exposed.

Example #2 is showing you the method of making a sleeve to go around a common knife which would allow you to control how deep knife tip would penetrate.