Points System

Points will be determined by length of shark released. Any shark that is not released or expires will be given half the value of the total points from length & bonus points systems as long as the catch data is turned into TSR via the online catch submission form. There will be a field on the catch submission form regarding released or expired. Below are the definitions for points to be awarded for released sharks.

0" - 47 7/8" = 1 point

48" - 59 7/8" = 5 points

60" - 71 7/8" = 10 points

72" - 83 7/8" = 20 points

84" - 95 7/8" = 40 points

96" and above = 100 points

Bonus points 

Tagging bonus = 5 points

Bonus points for tagging are subject to review. All tagging requirements must be met to qualify for tagging bonus points. No tagging points will be awarded for any expired sharks.

Fin clip bonus = 5 points

In the near future TSR hopes to implement a fin-clip program at which time captains will be issued the materials needed to collect fin clips for DNA studies. All requirements must be met to qualify for fin clip bonus points. Half value fin clip points will be awarded for any expired sharks.

Uncommon Species Bonus = 5 points

Uncommon species bonus points are subject to review. Species identification requirements must be met to qualify for uncommon species bonus. More information regarding species identification can be found in the photo rules and requirements. 


Uncommon Species list to qualify for bonus points:


Blacknose Shark

Dusky Shark

Finetooth Shark

Great Hammerhead Shark

Lemon Shark

Mako Shark

Nurse Shark

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark

Spinner Shark

Tiger Shark


Recapture of previously tagged shark = 10 points

Do not remove any existing tags from the shark if it can be avoided. If a shark is caught that has a non-HRI tag then tag it with an HRI tag also. Write down the information on the existing tag and report the recapture to whatever entity is conducting their study. Take a picture of the existing tag for verification if TSR requires it at a later date. It is understood that a recapture of a non HRI tagged shark enables both the tagging and recapture bonus points. If a recapture already has an HRI tag then only the recapture bonus will apply.