What Participants must supply    

2" x 48" Aluminum Ruler 

Here is an example http://tinyurl.com/AluminumRuler 

These are sold at nearly all hardware stores and you must have one with a TSR sticker in every picture for a catch to be valid. TSR will be supplying stickers to each team captain to distribute to the individual team members.   

Shark tag applicator

There will be 5 bonus points per shark for tagging with TSR/HRI tags. TSR will be supplying shark tags to each team captain to distribute to his/her  individual team members. We will not be supplying an applicator for these tags. We have very detailed information on the website on how to build yourself one if you do not have one already.  Only sharks 3 feet and above will be tagged.  All species can be tagged. We will accept any HRI tags that an angler already has in their possession but a list of those tag numbers must be turned in to TSR prior to using them, please use the contact us page to send us a list of tag numbers and which team has them. Here is a link to making a tag applicator  How to make a tag applicator

Flexible tape measure, commonly called a tailor tape or seamstress tape 

Here is an example   http://tinyurl.com/TailorTape 

They are sold at most fabric stores and we will have some for sale if you are unable to find one. We are aware that the required measurements can be taken with a regular retractable tape measure but getting the girth measurement is difficult with a retractable tape measure. A retractable tape measure will only last a couple of trips before it gets rusty and may not work. These type of tailor tape measures are one of the best ways to have an easy and dependable way to measure with you while fishing. We require that all the measurements be taken on every catch regardless of tagging. We will pass this data on to scientific entities that will utilize it.  Measure to the nearest 1/8" inch possible.    


A digital camera with at least a 5 megapixel capability. A picture meeting our requirements that has the 2" x 48" aluminum ruler with a TSR sticker within the photo is mandatory for a submission to be accepted. Each submission has to have a photo uploaded to the TSR website to validate the catch. Further photo requirements can be found HERE @ THE PHOTO RULES PAGE containing the precise rules and examples.

Fishing gear

You must supply all of your own fishing gear.