Team Sign Up Process


The process of registering a team on the TSR website will be done by the captain only. Team captains will need to be logged into the website to view the entry form.

In order to gain access to the team sign up page you must become a member of the website and activate your account with a valid email address. Please click on the register tab located at the top of the screen. It will take 5-10 minutes on average to receive your activation email, please be patient.

Each team will need to have a team name.  Team names have one restriction, if TSR is contacted by a returning team and their team name has already been used in this year’s signup we will grant the returning team the name and have the new team establish another one. Essentially past participants have dibs on the team names they used before. 

Team captains start organizing your information from your team. You will need the following, first name, last name, nickname, & email address from each person.

Teams will consist of a maximum of 5 adults (including the captain) and one junior angler (under 16). Junior angler is not required and teams do not have to have all 5 adults to compete.

Participants age 16 and above are considered adult team members. Junior team members are considered 15 and younger. Cutoff date for angler definition will be the launch date (If junior team member turns 16 after launch date they remain a junior team member for the duration of the tournament). All participants 17 and younger will have to have their release waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian.

Each participant will be required to register as a member of the TSR website and sign a release waiver prior to any fishing for the tournament.

Team captains will be responsible for entering catch data onto the website.

Only the captain of each team will need to provide a mailing address. Mailing address's will not be required for the additional members of the team.

Team captains will have an activated account on the Texas Shark Rodeo Website that will give them access to the restricted page where catch data will be submitted.

All tournament materials will be mailed to the captain for distribution among the team in an effort to keep costs as low as possible.


Cost to participate

Cost to enter is free, but participants are required to provide their own 48" aluminum ruler, tag applicator, tailor tape, & camera. 

We will be selling TSR logo shirts to raise money for expenses and to purchase trophies & prizes for winners. We are striving to provide as many prizes as possible to the winners. The big prize of this tournament is the bragging rights for the next year. We are currently seeking sponsors for the event. Additional prizes for winners may grow as time goes on.


What TSR supplies to each participant

Each participant will be issued the following:

·  A TSR sticker to be applied to a rigid ruler 48" in length.

·  Shark tags from the Texas A&M Harte Research Institute.

·  Fin clip vials for the Texas A&M Harte Research Institute.


Please click the link below to see what each participant must provide.