Sons of the Beach

Captain: McEachern, Lou

Our team consist of 5 men that have logged thousands of hours on the sand and over 230 years of fishing experience. We love the salt, water, sand, wind and being close to nature. There is no amount of guessing that could tell you how many fish we have collectively beached. Over 90 percent have been returned to grow old. We have lived it and continue to live it,. We are "The Sons of the Beach". Lou McEachern Chris McEachern David Williams Alan Desormeaux Matt Snyder

Current Standings Per Team Member
Name Points Sharks Caught Sharks Tagged Sharks Fin Clipped
McEachern, Lou (Captain) 33.00 4 2 2
Williams, David 27.00 3 1 2
McEachern, Chris 11.00 1 1 1
Desormeaux, Alan 11.00 1 1 1
Total 82.00 9 5 6

Catch Gallery

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