Shark at the Moon

Captain: Fuller, Nicholas

One night, I was hanging out in the garage. It was going to be our first shark fishing trip. It was the night of a full moon and I was waiting for Captain Yak to return with the truck and our first shark deck. We were still trying to figure out a name. Patrick calls me, Bark at the Moon playing in the background, “Get packed up because it’s almost time to Shark at the Moon!!!” I enthusiastically replied, “That’s it! That’s our name!” The rest has been history. We decided to combine our love of fishing with our love of helping. We hold charity tournaments to help raise money for cancer patients and their family. We also have Shark at the Moon Adventures - we take sick and/or under privileged kids on fishing trips for experiences they wouldn’t otherwise get.

Current Standings Per Team Member
Name Points Sharks Caught Sharks Tagged Sharks Fin Clipped
Fuller, Nicholas (Captain) 415.00 5 5 4
Guzman, Adrian 390.00 9 8 5
Dorrington, Matthew 65.00 2 2 2
McMahon, Patrick 60.00 2 2 2
Jurado, Kiara 25.00 1 1 0
Fuller Jr, Nicholas 15.00 1 1 0
Total 970.00 20 19 13

Catch Gallery

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