Team names have one restriction, if TSR is contacted by a returning team and their team name has already been used in this year’s signup we will grant the returning team the name and have the new team establish another one. Essentially past participants have dibs on the team names they used before.

Alphabetical list of reserved names for returning teams from 2016:

210 Sharks
Amazing Mays
Andrew Lane Memorial Fishing Team
Bad Bait
Beach Nutz
Bolivar Bums
But now I will send for many fisherman
Chasin Fins
Coastal Boys
Crankin crew
Crazy Fisherman
Demon Knights
Dominate Sharkers
El Pescador
Fin Addicts
Fin Patrol
Fishing Locos
Fishing Locos 2
Fishing Locos Lady Anglers
Gettin Bent
Gulf coast rednecks
Hells bells
Hook Ninjas
Hookem Deep
Hydro Therapy
In-Tents Fishing Company
Jawbone Anglers
Just Bitten Shark Fishing Team
Keep It Reel
Life's REEL Good
Lone Star Sharkers
Morton saltwater fishing
o-FISH-all Business
Red Raider Reelers
Reel Hookerz
Reel Loco
Rockstar Research Team
Salt Slingers
Saltwater Malitia
Sam Adams Shark Team
Sandy Lunatics
Serious Tail
Shark At the Moon
Sharkaholics 2
Shore Thing
Shwashbuckling Sharkers
Slime Addiction
Southern Sharkin'
SPI Locals
Tactical Anglers Group
Team Diehard
Team Dusk Till Dawn
Team Get Reel
Team Gray-N-White
Team Hooked On
Team HooKed Up
Team JackWagon
Team JackWagoneers
Team Krakatoa
Team Mutiny
Team Mutiny
Team Rockstar
Team Rollin Rock
Team Sharkathon
Team Sharker
Team Southern Sharkers
Team SuperStar
Team wet dreams
Team Yak-OFF!
Texas Sand Tigers
The Dark Side
The Reel Runners
Turn 'em At The Knot 1
Turn 'em at the Knot 2
Turn 'em At The Knot 3
Turn 'em At The Knot 4
Yak Addicts
Young Stunnas